Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy Koreans

Something I learned from the first episode of 30Rock Season 2:

Koreans wear white dress to funeral.

LOL... I, as a Korean, never thought of this that way...!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Distorted Perception of Beauty

Now I really want to master Photoshop skillz. -.-

A Year Ago

Remembering the day..

Monday, April 14, 2008

Resident Evil 5 Controversy; Take 2

Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal On The ‘Resident Evil 5′ Trailer:
‘This Imagery Has A History’

That Notorious “Resident Evil 5″ Trailer And The People
I Met In Africa

We've made full circle, and we're back to the same issue: Resident Evil 5 and racism.

My words here are worthless. Check those links out, and see what I saw when I first viewed the trailer.

(Image from MTV Multiplayer)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Only Toys

Opinion: The Case Against Writers In The Games Industry
Opinion: Feel Lucky, Punk? The Game Writing Fallout

These short opinion articles argue about the position writers have in today's game industry. The first argues that writers are really a luxury, something that is not of necessity. Adam Maxwell, a writer-turned-game designer, says that if there is a choice between a great writer, and a decent writer-game designer, he'd definitely choose the latter, who can contribute to other aspect to game development than purely on writing.

Second article, a counter-opinion to the first, talks about how writing is the jewel of any games, that what is left at the end of any games is the writing, not game mechanics.

In today's world where game is struggling to find it's place in our lives, this is another symptom that comes from having a sloppy identity. Yes, today's game is so young and energetic, that it's trying to be everything it can emulate. I say game is so busy being a copy-cat that it's losing it's self... that it's forgetting what it's best at.

On that line of thought, I strongly agree with Adam's opinion, that writer and writing is not the core of games, that it doesn't belong at the fundamental level of games.

Before starting to flame me, hear me out: I do think games are capable of delivering serious messages; I think games can become much more artistic; I think games are worthy of great writing, which may turn a game into a masterpiece; great writing may foster unprecedented experience. However, that is not what today's games are. Today's games are mere toys. No matter what kind, at the core, and at the bottom of our heart, we all know where games stand in our lives. They are distractions. They're something to help us pull away from reality, to unload steam or stress, to enjoy, to be entertained.

I am looking forward to the day a game (or something interactive that is not a game) solely focused on human nature or human story is created and finally opens everyone's eyes and let them see the great possibility that interactive medium can bring.

Until that day, you'll keep hearing me whining.