Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Demon Announced!

Did you hear the news? It's Diablo 3!!! I'm so excited and I'm not even sure why, because I didn't really like the first two games!!!

Okay, now my initial excitement is out, let me calm down and say that, I am instantly hooked because of the game's more than amazing debut trailer.

Watch it now, and get hooked!

Now I have to ask.... why is Barlog in there? Mhahaha...

Balrog confronted by Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings

Diablo from Diablo 3 debut trailer

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yahtzee on MGS4! Mmm~

Escapist Magazine's (in)famous Yahtzee reviews critically and commercially(?) successful Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots. I must add, he gives it very proper review.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Can PS3 Be Any Sweeter?!

Yes, I still remember this... boomarang-shaped controller. LOL.

SERIOUSLY, the evil Wal-Mart and Sony is tempting me like crazy!

Wal-Mart is having this special going on with any Blu-Ray players, and I mean any. That means it includes Sony PlayStation 3! So, if I go for PS3 with 40GB HDD, I can pay $399, and be treated with extra $100 to blow away.

But that's not sweet enough to get me salivating all over the floor, is it? Of course not. I just dished out almost $500 for Xbox360 only a month ago!

What if Sony, whom I've come to think of an evil corporation with its arrogance (which, I must admit, has been eroding away ever since obnoxious Kutanagi left the company), is offering $100 off of PS3?

No way? Yes way. :) Of course, the deal includes another credit card that you should get rid of later.

Still, think about $100 off of PS3 and then another $100 gift card... That's $200 right there! So, say I get the PS3 80GB at $499, and use the Sony Credit Card at Wal-Mart. With all the deals--that also includes 12 months no interest period--I'll only pay $399, and have extra $100 to spend! With Sony keep flirting us with all the promises--think Home and Final Fantasy XIII-- and with its interest and investment in artistic games, I am now seriously considering the buy. Of course, there's the release of a small game titled Metal Gear Solid 4, too. :)

Now, don't be surprised if I come back a few days later with a post saying "PS3 GET!!!"

PS. Somebody please stop me. :'(

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Not Helping, Capcom 'Racism' Claims Not Changing Resident Evil 5

While Capcom has added an African female sidekick to the latest installment of its now-controversial franchise, Resident Evil 5, it seems like the racist claim on the game's setting--a buffed-out white protagonist against hordes of black African natives that turn into zombies--doesn't seem to ease off.

However, we all know no company in their right mind will intentionally back a racist product, and I'm pretty sure Capcom isn't about to publish one of that kind, either. So, the point here isn't really about racism. What is the point then? I'll explain in a little bit.

While I still am very excited about the game with its terrific looking graphics, animations, music, product design, and so on, and will purchase it when it comes out, I have to ask why? to Capcom. Why did Capcom make such a foolish decision to go ahead with this theme and setting? From the article, the producer Jun Takeuchi said that the game was meant for entertainment only, and not political statement of any sort.

Now, let's think about this. A game where players will be shooting, hacking and slashing bunch of people in poverty (who happen to be all black, I might add). To take this as just entertainment. ... Seriously? How could they ever pit anyone against poor and deprieved people, even if they're zombified, who should be helped, not massacred, and say to have fun? Maybe it would've been easier to accept, at least to me, had they say the game forces the gamers to do what they should not do in real world, or at least, have players agonize over all those deaths of poor people who could've been helped. But alas, they seriously did create the francise as a mere "entertainment," and so we shouldn't worry about it.

Right. I hope Takeuchi-san has a good-night's dream with his legs stretched.