Wednesday, October 31, 2007

$ex vs. Violence

It's apparent that parents are more sensitive on sexuality then violence, meaning they are more ok with their kids seeing gunfight than a couple being naked on a bed.

While I, too, find that I am the same way myself, I just don't get it--why is it that it's okay to see someone shooting bullet into another person's head, but not okay to see anything that suggests sex? (Case in point: Hot Coffee scandal. Running around streets while gunning cops and bystanders down is acceptable while sex with hookers is not. ...Hmm.) Is murder not as bad as rape? Is rape worse than killing someone? Do people get put down because they have uncontrollerable sexual desire or stream of different blood on their hands? Of course murder tops rape, but then parents' and my reaction to what appears on TV is still unexplained.

I think it's just that people can justify violence easier than sex. Parents don't have to go into sensitive area to explain why there's violence, than to explain when sex is ok. ("That doo-doo deserves to be spanked because he's bad" is easier than ....however you'll explain sex to your kid--haven't thought about this... ah...the ramification of absense of proper sex education.)

So, what it boils down to is that, kids, explicit sex is much worse than unwarranted violence! ...Wait, that doesn't seem like why I started this post....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Introducing... My New Companion

This is my new phone, Motorola RIZR Z3. It came exactly as it appears in the picture above.

...Well, minus those hot girls on the screen, although it wouldn't have hurt if they came with the phone. But considering that this color is, presumably, mostly used by female mobilers--I am NOT one of them. Nor am I a gay. I just have unique and superior fashion sense--Motorola would be wasting tons of money and all those girls. Motorola would also be advocating lesbianism. (...on the other hand, considering the astonishing result of evaluation of planet-blood-sucking species named Homo sapiens sapiens, that marketing strategy might actually receive wide acceptance by tree huggers.)

Ain't it Sexy?! Think the Weighted Companion Cube will be jealous.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How to Tell Your PC Is Old.

You know your computer is outdated when our Big Brother starts purchasing computers faster, meaner, and sleeker than your own!

Here's spec of PC gov't is purchasing:

  • Dell Dimensions 9200
  • Intel Duo 6600, 2.4 GHz, 4 MB FSB
  • nVidia GeForce 8600, 256 MB RAM
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DVD+/-RW 16x
  • 19 inch LCD Monitor (This thing is HD! >720P)

Man, my computer is so frigg'n old!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flash Flash!

LOLz. If person in that fluffy thing is not 1)a girl, and 2)cute, I'll hate Pikachu forever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Microsoft Surface rocks?

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I'm not too sure on this, but I say Microsoft's new "innovative" product, Surface, may be their next big thing. (After, say, Zune. Or.. I don't know, what else did they make anyways?) It seems like they are showing it off as the new thing, and people are biting it; I see people talking about it as coolest thing in the world.

But the thing about it is, I don't see it being anything but a big failure, a big let down. Maybe it won't be a BIG failure, but definitely not a big success. Sure it is cool, to be able to have interactive, true desktop to play around with. Note that I said "play around with" because I precisely mean it. They claim it will have much more use; Sure, it can. But will people adopt to realize it's full capability? I doubt it. Here's why:

  1. It is BIG. It is pretty much fixed on one spot, if not completely fixed. So, it's a real hasstle to install it, or to move it around when reorganizing the place. So the whole room has to be designed around it, which won't be a real pleasure.
  2. What's the use? Whatever it can do, you can do it with a PC already. Why would anyone cash out a fortune to do something they can do with a lowly PC? Oh, it's not for consumers but for businesses? They got something too: Serveers. They can bring out dishes and such, too.

Unless they roll out a table top that's only few inches thick that can be installed easily--think IKEA--I don't see this going far.

I think Microsoft is struggling to find a new ground for it to roam about. Certainly, they seem to be doing better with entertainment area with Halo 3, their new OS is certainly not welcomed, and I don't want to even mention Zune. It feels like they're trying out new stuff just to keep up with companies like Google, when they should more focus on their own product, and perfect it. I say they should employ Surface's interface to Windows, renovate it in such way that people will actually use it. Not like Vista's deceptively sucking UI.

Zero Punctuation Review:

Not sure if you'll find this British person reviewing some games really fast--I mean fast--but I certainly did.

This review from some time ago is on Psychonauts, one of the-most-innovative-artistic-fun-yet-huge-commercial-failure game by Tim Shafer. ...Oh, that and dick gamers who want games to be art yet don't want to play them. I personally haven't played this. I really want to. And I shall... someday.

Enough of my bullocks, and here you go. Enjoy!

PS. Yahtzee's (the guy mumbling in the video) comment about how game became 2nd job reminds me of how I just don't play Eve-Online now. I want fun and reach experience from games, not dry, long, not interesting laborish experience. I..better cancel the subscription.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Moore's Law, and Game Industry

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Moore's Law. It represent our--consumers'--expectation of how fast computers will become as every year passes by. Because of it, the chip industry always scrambles to meet that expectation and is designed and built based on this law; the whole industry competes each other to meet this law, and rips profits from doing so.

Although this is a good thing--who doesn't want super fast computer at disposal?--recently the market has seen a phenomenon it has never seen before; because all of the processors, even the low-end models became sufficiently fast, people simply stopped opening wallets for fastest chips out there. While the chips grew by Moore's Law, software stayed relatively simple, and did not use much of the processing power today's models are capable of.* The Cutting-Edge, The Fastest lost its sexyback.

One market that hasn't seen this yet is the game industry. Because it is relatively young industry, it has seen crazy growth throughout its history, and still sees unbelievable speed of advancement--people that I know who hasn't realized how fast the games grow often tells me how amazing they look these days. Because people wants more, games keep pushing its limits, which in turn asks for more processing power.

Although games do have a lot to develop on currently, there certainly will come a time when gamers stops looking for prettier and more realistic games, simply because most if not all games look pretty and feel realistic enough. This will be the time when games takes another step towards realizing its potential, and starts experiementing to become more mature media as a whole. I hope CEOs and managements of game industry will look forward to and prepare for this day. I certainly can't wait to see this time to come.

*Microsoft's new OS, Vista, tries to push boundaries with it's new graphical interface and other gimmicks, but seems like that boundaries will remain still for awhile, as Vista's launch seem like a failed ignition--at least for now.

Mr. Wright, Will Wright. Oh, and Spore.

Will Wright.
One of the legendary game developers of this age. One thing that amazes me about this person is that his eyes are so full of curiosity all the time, just as that of 8 year olds. That, I think, is the driving force behind his ground breaking games that we all love and enjoy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Power of Apple

Check this out.

Although it's really impressive--the instant I saw the photo, I went "holy crap!"--I must say, I feel sorry for all those professors who probably feel dizzy and fall flat on floors with all those glowing Apple logos in front of them.


I think I would've quit if I had to stand before them. -_-