Thursday, December 27, 2007

True Next-Gen Gaming (for me at least)

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When I first looked at "next-gen" graphics that is Xbox360 and PS3 demo reels, I was blown away. When I first held the controller and ran around a room gunning down aliens, I was overwhelmed with great disappointment; it was more like 1.5 generation, rather than true, next generation. Maybe I was expecting too much of gaming? Well, I never thought expecting to see a eye-popping (r)evolution in gaming "too much". And now, I know what I was hoping to see. Here: take a look at this Virtual Reality on a TV set, a Wii-mote remix by Johnny Lee from Carnegie Mellon University:

Now, imagine heart pumping COD4's action, along with head-tracking 3D effect!! +_+ That's what I call next-gen gaming!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Only A Game?

First, back to an old topic, racism and video games.

I recently came across a comment by a reader, who claims he's black, saying that he has no problem with Resident Evil 5's controversial trailer. (The trailer shows a protagonist, who is white, in what it appears as an impoverished African village, full of black villagers, who are also zombies. And yes, it also shows the good dude fighting the villagers.)

How does everthing turn into race, Yeah I’m Black too, and it’s only a video game. DAMN! I mean every shooting game has somebody being shot, Look at all the R.E games, I don’t see a problem with the game, It’s not like they’re saying lets kill n*ggers or cr*ckers, quit trying to turn little things into big things.

So, he's saying anybody can say anything in video game, where as murmurring the "n-word" can cause a murder? (Of course there's a deep history behind that word, but my point stands!) If video game's so pitifully weightless, then why is he wasting his precious time even talking about a trailer, not even a real game?! People like this, who tries to bring video game's down to the level of tiny baby's meaningless da-da's (even that has so much meaning to the baby's parents), pisses me off.

I really, truly want to see people, gamers so much more especially than anyone else, start treating games as something fascinating, meaningful, and worthy of serious affection, just as big names in cinema thinks of feature films.

No? Then go play with Legos, instead of just video games. God.

Wonderful Atlanta

Oh, what have I gotten myself into...?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Second Revelation

For man is the destroyer of things;
and the vicious master of his savage domain.

We are the revolutionaries;
We are the usurpers to the heavenly throne;
We are the enemies of the gods.

There is something about EVE Online that attracts me so brutally, but then bores me to death so mercilessly. While the game itself is something I can't stand, the game's trailers will be remembered as one of the best trailer I've seen. Check out the Revelation II trailer on EVE Online website. It's breathtaking.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blizz's next Not-WoW-Expansion MMOG!

Blizzard is hiring!
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Some game company's job posting pages are usually a good place to see if there's unannounced, or "Top Secret", project that were shoved into the oven in the kitchen. And recently, our beloved and looked-upon game company, Blizzard, has posted several job postings for their "Unannounced next-gen MMO," with a little image saying "Top Secret!" in place of a project's title.

What do we know about this project? First, it's NOT an WoW expansion. It's completely new, and it's "really awesome," senior vice president of product development Frank Pearce says. "I can’t give you any hints, but it’s totally awesome."

What a way to tease us.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Game Show? or "Are You Offended Yet" Show?

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OK, I can care less about those Gamecock people messing around. Whatever they tried, it didn't make sense to me. But what I do want to point out is... how Spike TV presented the winner of the painting the winners on the naked body of women! (or more like 99.9% naked..but almost same difference) No, I'm not joking. Watch the clip above if you haven't yet.

When it comes to our culture objectifying women as something to drool at (not even sure I'm saying this right), like AXE, Maxim, to name a few, I'm pretty much dismissal of those issues, because, one, I obviously like hot girls (or cute ones rather... or cute and hot one.) and two, I think girls look at guys much in the same way a lot of times, too. If not, why'd any girl enjoy looking at well trained bodies of hot Hollywood actors? Why'd they smile in certain way when they take their clothes off?

OK, I know I may appear to be on one side of the fence but then again, I try to think from both side of the view, and because of that, I am really disgusted by what SpikeTV has done with that award show. Even I am really really offended. It's an award show, not a strip show lounge for Christ's sake. How could they shamelessly devalue whole game industry like that? It's like they're pretty much thinking all gamers loooove naked girls, and only that.

Wait, it's SpikeTV, the channel that has "Hot, Chick, Bang bang, hot, Chick, Action, ..." advertisement on all the freak'n time. Guess fool is what fool does fools do what they do the best.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Let the Shopping Spree Begin!

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Although it's certainly not a happy news, a news of a retail chain going down cannot make us happier than any other news to us consumers. Not that we all hate big retail chains--maybe we do. but that's besides the point--this kind of news always follows with chain-wide closing sale!! And they can be much, much bigger than any other living retail's sale. Can they beat 70% sale? 75%? 80% off?

So, if you have a CompUSA near you, let the holiday shopping truly begin!