Monday, October 27, 2008

Proposal in Chrono Trigger

This is a video of a hacked Chrono Trigger, where a whole new level was created for proposal. I'm not sure how the future-fiance felt, but I'm sure she was happy.

Watch it and see if you have nerd in you as well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MMO's Calling Me Again

BioWare has its engines engaged to its full capacity. Besides working on Dragon Age for both console and PC, and probably have a sequel to Mass Effect in back burner, they just announced the upcoming project, Star Wars: The Old Republic. And it's an MMO.

Check out their interview:

This Is Why He Should Be Our President.

Again, thanks to Christie, who's been politically charged prior to the election next month, for showing the following clip of Colin Powell endorsing one of the candidates. He really lays it out so everyone can understand why and where he's coming from.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Could Dream. Yes?

Konami Officially Comments on Xbox 360 Metal Gear Solid 4 [Kotaku]

Ha, can I say "I told you so"? I know this is not a solid confirmation, but here this official statement from Konami:

"The worldwide demand for an Xbox 360 version (of MGS4) is quite high," admitted Konami's Yoshitaka Arai to Japanese investor bulletin Morningstar. "It is something we are currently looking into."
I think it's no brainer that this will come to Xbox360, provided they don't find a major technical obstacle, and then I will have saved $500.

Wait, Sony still has LittleBigPlanet... Damn it!

Monday, October 20, 2008


  • Sky Crawlers (Studio I.G. 2008)
  • ゲド戰記 (Tales from Earthsea, Studio Gibli 2006)
  • FRAGILE ~さよなら月の廃墟~ (Furajīru Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo, Namco Bandai 2009? for Nintendo Wii)
  • 朧村正妖刀伝 (Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Vanilla Ware 2009? for Nintendo Wii)
  • Sky Crawlers (Namco Bandai for Nintendo Wii)

Friday, October 17, 2008

What We Need For The Right Change

There is one thing I ask from next president of the United States: To be responsible.

I don't mean that they keep their words on everything they talk about once they move into the office. They say a lot of things to get votes and to win the election--this is a wise thing to do, although many voters may get upset. I understand that's what they have to do, and that they may not have enough resource to keep their promises later.

Instead, what I mean is to instill the sense of responsibility of being the world's leader to the citizens of this country. Fareed Zakaria, a Newsweek journalist that I love, quotes economist Jeffrey Sachs in his great article, "There Is a Silver Lining" in latest issue: "'We've wanted lots of government, but we haven't wanted to pay for it.' So we've borrowed our way out of the problem." We were so adamant about raising tax rates, the main source of income for our government, that anything that we got became the national debt. Now, the debt became so big that National Debt Clock in New York City has ran out of space to display the figures.

National Debt Clock with the calculated value of your family's share.

I think both campaign got it right: it's time for change. The right change. And I think Republicans with their no tax but more spending policy isn't it. We got to downsize what we don't need (like fat and ugly military) and invest in our future (like our children's education and infrastructure of better living standards).

Everyone's following today's presidential race closely. If you're yet to do so, I hope you do. It's our future. And yours, too.

Another Sarah Palin Clip

I just have to put this one up. This clip is another one from CNN, comparing SNL with the real thing.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Screaming Raptor Above Your Head

"Wings Over Marietta" Air Show Schedule

There's an air show going on this coming weekend, on Oct. 18-19, at the Air Force Reserve base where my work is. With only two more days until they open the gate, they're already running some practices.

And today, after a great lunch at local Japanese restaurant (ran by Japanese), I looked up in the sky when I heard a great roar, and found not just one, but two F-22s flying at extremely low altitude; I could even see the pilot at one point!

The aircraft was a pure awesomeness. The sound of jet that shakes the ground, that stiff turn at seemingly low speed... Man, I am really hyped for this weekend!!

I'll try to get some pictures, but since the only camera I have is the one on my cell, I doubt I'll get any good ones. I'll upload some after this weekend.

So Fragile, and So Beautiful

Nintendo's Wii is finally becoming attractive. First, it's getting Vanillaware's fantastic looking Oboro Muramasa, and now... they're getting this:

This game titled Fragile is developed and published by Namco Bandai for Nintendo's Wii. I think it's just announced at Tokyo Gameshow 2008. This looks like a game suitable for all ages, and I sincerely hope this is the first major title that does not include any combat and still delivers a compelling narrative and emotional experience. This game seems like a perfect game to accomplish that major feat.

...unless I'm missing out on another game like that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally. Today Is The Day.

It's here! It's here!!

Are you excited yet?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Soccer Mom for President

I haven't been interested in politics for that long, and now I am finding more interesting and exciting as the presidential election for US is coming up with very interesting candidates. I hope they are for you, too, because if you're not, you're missing out.

Take a moment and watch the below clip from CNN, which talks about an interview of Palin. You'll love it:

" 72-year-old's heartbeat away from being the president of the United States. If it doesn't scare you, it should."

And sure it does.

Be sure to check out the interview, where CBS's Katie Couric interviews Sarah Palin, the vice-president candidate for Republican party. And if you find a full-length clip, please let me know. I haven't found one, and would like to post it here as well.

UPDATE: Hey, gotta love this guy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Makes Me Wanna Go Far Away

I wanna go here...