Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From Pen to Photo

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If you've studied art, you know ball-point pen is a big no-no for any artwork. It's thick, nasty, hard to control... But it still holds its place in our lives as one of the most common object to be found around us. But oh, how high this plain tool can go..! What am I talking about? If you thought the picture above is a photo, that's what I'm talking about. Click the image, and view it at higher res. You'll see the details that photo don't make usually.

Yes... it's actually a drawing. Not just a drawing tho, it's drawn(or painted?) with humble ball-point pen!! Check this story out about him! It's amazing, although this is another of those most-things-look-better-from-afar cases, but still, amazing indeed.

Sigh, there are so many people with talent, no?

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