Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally, Something To Look Forward To

All three major E3 press conferences came and gone, without any major new title announcements to get excited about; pretty much they focused less on hardcore game titles, but more of casual market and community experience. Because I was anticipating a megaton announcement of some title that will instantly grab my attention (something like a new IP on par with Assassin's Creed), it's obvious that I was very disappointed with the whole calmness--FFXIII360 isn't really a new title, and although there are several games that I am looking forward to (namely Mirror's Edge, for one), they're not the "exclusive killer app" I'm looking for.

However, that expectation was actually met just now, by a title that was long been announced: Prince of Persia.

The new, reimagined iteration of it for current-gen console systems, while not an exclusive to one platform, awed me just enough to get me looking forward to it. What does it do exactly? Watch the developer walkthrough below, and see what I mean:

That buzz-word "immersion" the developer talks about, is something I always look for in a game. The way the game transitions from failure to retry, the "dueling" feel of combat, how a clean strike with a sword actually means death, not just decrease in some artificial HP, and so on...

Assassin's Creed, from same studio, came close, and I hope this game carries it further.

PS. It feels like more innovative games are created outside of US these days. Is the center of gaming, along with center of world economy, shifting away from America? Although world economy certainly will inevitably be shifted and be shared by many in near future, I hope America stays as the leader of gaming for long. At least until I am ready to jump to wherever there is innovation.

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