Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Made A History

Yesterday was truly a remarkable day. It was the first time I've exercised my most valuable rights as a citizen of the United States--the right to vote.

Until yesterday, all the numbers on all those election days I've lived through were just numbers. But it was different this time. Knowing that one of the vote in those numbers is mine, it was something invaluable, something one must experience to understand the significance. Yesterday changed me from skeptics of Democracy to a believer; I now do believe that the ideal this nation stands on is not just a sales pitch, but really one of the mankind's greatest achievements.

I was driving down the downtown Atlanta, and have seen people honking, dancing, screaming his name, and most of all, connecting with strangers next to them. I've neveer seen the country so energized and elated. Not for World Series, not for World Cup, not for Olympics, or Superbowl. And certainly not when G. W. Bush was elected president.

After watching another touching and inspiring speech of Barack Obama, one of the people in the bar exclaimed, "Now, that's a motivation." It's things like this that tells you, he is someone special. And I have my hopes up for him, and for this nation.

Video: Report on the Election Result
Video: Washington's Reaction to Election Result
Video: Obama's Acceptance Speech

PS. Watch the footage from Washington. I wish I'd been there.

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