Monday, March 9, 2009

Among the Pile of ...

We've seen a burst of film adoptations of comic books lately, with many of them ending up as nothing but human intellectual wastes. But I guess among a pile of shit, one shall see the rise of a masterpiece; we've seen Dark Knight, and now, we have Watchmen.

I haven't watched the film yet, but I have just finished reading the comic book. And now I do wonder the same thing so many fanatics of the book were asking themselves: How would anyone turn this into a meaningful film that really does justice to this famous, the-only-Hugo-Award-winning comic book, ever?

Now, I have to tell you, I don't worry about the mastery of the movie, because even one of the harshiest--at least to me, he is--film critic, Roger Ebert watched it twice, and was so intrigued by it that he gave it four stars(!!) and wrote a long blog post about it.

Having said all this, would you join me at the movies and watch this flick at an IMAX theater near you?

PS. One interesting trivia: the talent that penned this movie is David Hayter, who voiced the popular Snake of Metal Gear Solid videogame series.

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