Thursday, December 27, 2007

True Next-Gen Gaming (for me at least)

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When I first looked at "next-gen" graphics that is Xbox360 and PS3 demo reels, I was blown away. When I first held the controller and ran around a room gunning down aliens, I was overwhelmed with great disappointment; it was more like 1.5 generation, rather than true, next generation. Maybe I was expecting too much of gaming? Well, I never thought expecting to see a eye-popping (r)evolution in gaming "too much". And now, I know what I was hoping to see. Here: take a look at this Virtual Reality on a TV set, a Wii-mote remix by Johnny Lee from Carnegie Mellon University:

Now, imagine heart pumping COD4's action, along with head-tracking 3D effect!! +_+ That's what I call next-gen gaming!!!

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