Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Game Show? or "Are You Offended Yet" Show?

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OK, I can care less about those Gamecock people messing around. Whatever they tried, it didn't make sense to me. But what I do want to point out is... how Spike TV presented the winner of the awards...by painting the winners on the naked body of women! (or more like 99.9% naked..but almost same difference) No, I'm not joking. Watch the clip above if you haven't yet.

When it comes to our culture objectifying women as something to drool at (not even sure I'm saying this right), like AXE, Maxim, to name a few, I'm pretty much dismissal of those issues, because, one, I obviously like hot girls (or cute ones rather... or cute and hot one.) and two, I think girls look at guys much in the same way a lot of times, too. If not, why'd any girl enjoy looking at well trained bodies of hot Hollywood actors? Why'd they smile in certain way when they take their clothes off?

OK, I know I may appear to be on one side of the fence but then again, I try to think from both side of the view, and because of that, I am really disgusted by what SpikeTV has done with that award show. Even I am really really offended. It's an award show, not a strip show lounge for Christ's sake. How could they shamelessly devalue whole game industry like that? It's like they're pretty much thinking all gamers loooove naked girls, and only that.

Wait, it's SpikeTV, the channel that has "Hot, Chick, Bang bang, hot, Chick, Action, ..." advertisement on all the freak'n time. Guess fool is what fool does fools do what they do the best.

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