Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dead Space

From time to time, there are new intellectual properties (IP for short) developed that get massive marketing, and thus, get hyped. Many times, it's done by futile means like banner-spamming or using celebrities or hot developers to go on video and talk about the game. But other times, publisher does the right thing and lets the actual property do the talking. Things that are developed in this kind of marketing strategy creates deep and intricate world and creates appreciation towards the game and the property.

Such is beeing done by none other than EA, and it's promoting a brand new IP, Dead Space.

Because of the notoriety EA had for a long time--it was well known that EA used to focus solely on profit and worked its employees to death, and acquired and ruined numerous, well respected studios, along with their games--I dismissed this game as another cookie-cutter game that will start racking up number next to the title, created just to generate profit and profit only. Even the initial gameplay footage, while it does look promising, didn't penetrate my already-built distaste at the name EA.

Anyways, the fact that I'm blogging about this should already have told you; I am sold on this game. Yes, I am very hyped up about this game now that I am going to grab it once it hits the store shelf.

What happened? What changed my mind? As it takes things that shows developers' love, care, and sweat in the property that changes my mind, it is these comic episodes they have created that expands the world in which the game is set, and the are embedded below.

Watch them, and enjoy:

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