Friday, August 22, 2008

Intel Creates Magic Power Supply~

Let me show off first: I've predicted something like this will come along. Something that will free us of all the hassle that is electric cords in our houses. I mean wireless power supply, and a safe one, also--not microwave technology which will fry our skin.

In today's report, Intel, the leading CPU and computer technology company, has announced a wireless power supply technology. They not only announced this, but also demonstrated it by lighting a 60-watt bulb, which is more than enough power for typical laptops!

Think about all the wires that runs through your house. And now think about your house without them. Neat, isn't it? And if, and I hope, someone makes this technology more advanced so that it can power devices miles away, this means an electric car that can run endlessly without any need for refueling, at all. (Of course it will need some refueling if car is used for a while without resting and depleted its power. Stop being so picky.)

Sounds like energy paradise to me. To bad this tech will only be commercially available around 2050....

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