Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Splinter Cell: Conviction Behind the Scene #01

One of the strategy Ubisoft loves using when promoting its flagship titles is to release a long series of highly stylized Behind-the-Scene featurettes that spends most of the time on developer interviews, intercut with tiny segments of real gameplays.

Below is one of those for what's probably my the most anticipated game of this year's holiday season, Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Appropriately for a franchise that has gone low for a few years, this video focuses on redefining, or, in the light of today's trends, rebooting of the franchise. Shortly after I got my Xbox360, I grabbed a copy of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. While it has vivid graphics and animations, the gameplay felt rather slow and clunky. So, I am really excited about this reboot, as they promise to bring more fast-paced, action-oriented game where Sam truly feels like a deadly top-secret agent.

Enough of my words, here's the Behind the Scene video:

Update: This video actually got me all gloom and doom. Not that there's something wrong with it, but rather, it was just too good; I was reminded how much I'd rather work in game industry than where I am now. *sigh*

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