Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rage against Machine360!! And Some Pondering.

Not that I'm annnouncing myself as anti-360 and pro-PS3, but I just found a funny video on the issue on notorious "Red Ring of Death" on all too many Microsofts Xbox360's:

So, the question for me is... which should I get? Xbox360 or PS3?

I sure wanted Xbox360 with Gears of War, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Bioshock, among other exclusives, but recent occurings with Xbox360 and Microsoft--bad PR strategies, bad marketing strategy with Vista, and much more--makes me want to look the otherway. The other way to PS3.

After long line of terrible news on Sony and its PS3 before and after its launch, PS3 has been getting more and more brighter news and titles, such as Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword, LittleBigWorld, and more, and there are these good-to-your-ear news; Ken Kutaragi's resignation, which, in my opinion, is actually more like getting fired because of his stuck-up attitude that was doing the company's already weak PR no good, and of course, there is the recent news about it's price drop of a whole $100.

Since I still am in no place to make a purchase, I got some time to sit back and think about my choice. I sure want to wait for Xbox360's stability to get revamped, its price dropped, and get more good titles on it. (Halo 3 doesn't count. At least for me.) And for PS3... It's still over the top, pricewise, and so I don't wanna carve huge chunk of my wallet just yet. At least until they streamline their online game network, and do some good firmware that enables Blu-Ray's interactivity. If it will ever.

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