Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Transformers for Adults

Yes, I, too, watched Transformers that came out only a few days ago. And it was.... fun!!

That was the short version, and longer version would be this; Although it was very fun to watch--mostly because it's like kid's dream come true on screen!--Michael Bay was clever enough to include just enough robot battles in the movie to leave me wanting more. After the movie was over, I couldn't keep thinking about how it would've been terrific if they did this and that... And so, I was thirsty of more Transformers and was glad to find out they're already in the process of making a sequel. (Yes, I am a victim of their cunning marketing strategy. I'm sure so are many other people.) So, the movie itself was good, because I did get what I wanted out of it; action. Lots of them. Although disorienting and quick and messy, they were very believably made and it did have plenty to entertain me. It just didn't have too much like Pirates of Caribbean: At World's End which made me wanted to get out of the theater half-way through it.

This movie shows how much Hollywood's special effect has become so advanced. The whole movie, although it's full of effects, seemed very acceptable. Even when there are robots everywhere in this movie, there isn't really a time when you notice something and go "oh that looks wrong..." Something like that would ruin the whole movie. Now I only wish that technique goes over to Japan and so we can see live action Evangelion....+_+

Following is just a clip on YouTube of some people who can't have enough transforming robots. *sigh* Can they be any more dorky?!

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