Thursday, August 2, 2007


Have you guys seen this? Originally shown back in 2005, this largely hidden (or at least not-well-marketted) title, Project Offset is looking terrific. While all the other titles are focusing on visual fidelity only, this game (while not neglecting it) seems to focus also on motion blur capability. Take a look at their tech demo yourself.

I am really excited about this game not because it looks fantastic, but mostly because it finally brings believable, most natural motion blur that we see every second of our lives into its game.

I've been a believer that motion blur is the key that will make graphics more believable, and it seems like it's finally coming to reality.

My only beef is that even with that fantastic motion blur capability, they still use that unrealistic blade trail to signify attacks (which, I believe, should be used rarely, to make something stand with the movie V for Vendetta). But hey, they can't get it perfect all at once.


Doc said...

The part I like about it is that there are whole bunch of things going around while you are doing your thing--admittedly, it's been done before numerous times, but it still makes the game seem more believable as well as giving the feel of having a wider variety of interactive elements. Nonetheless, it would've been better if they used better physics so that the bodies won't just fly away when you kill them -_-; and a better bowgun screen would've been great.

Peter Park said...

wait, it doesn't look like they're using rag-doll physics. They seems to be animated to actually simulate death animation according to where they are hit..