Thursday, November 29, 2007

Share the Gameplay! ..and on the Art of Texting

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I'm yet to experience a significant other who's also a gamer, and so I haven't had any trouble with sharing gameplay with someone. I could play as long as, and as often as I could afford to, and beat a game--or not--on my own. But apparently, when your girfriend/boyfriend is a gamer, too, the couple needs to share the console. And so tricky and sticky situations arise. And this MTV's Multiplayer blog entry linked above lays this out pretty well.

However, what caused me to link it is not this. Rather, it's about the girl's subtle gesture... in texting. Here's the quote (after responding to a picture message showing the progress her boyfriend made without her with plain "nice"): "Couldn’t he read the underlying message in my previous “nice” response? I mean, come on, if I had been excited about his rapid progression, I would have included an exclamation point or a smiley face, obviously."


Ah, the art of texting...

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