Friday, November 9, 2007

When We Start Dating Playing Games...

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So the world has two kinds of people: Casual audience, and hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers tend to place gameplay over content (loosely used to mean script, lore, presentation... everything that can be found in other media like movies), while its the opposite for casual players.

Then maybe I was thinking from the perspective of general crowd? I always believed that when gameplay and in-game mechanics (physics, AI, and so on)become something to be criticized for not being believable instead of getting praised for being fairly interactive--in other words, when realism in games is taken as granted--is the time games can evolve into something greater. I even thought having okay gameplay that is fault proof so everyone can pickup controller and experience what a game has prepared, which will be very short compared to today's games, will be great, as long as the content is very, very compelling.

I guess this is true, for I am looking forward to the day when the market for games become comparable to that of movies, which may not be so far out.

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