Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Say Good-Bye and Good Night to Raptor

RIP. Raptor

Yesterday, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has announced his recommendations for the Fiscal Year 2010 defense budget, which, along with several changes, has a decision to end the production of the famed F-22 Raptor.

As a employee working at the company that produces the said product, I am rightfully disappointed, and even startled, by the announcement. The most cutting-edge, the high-point of today's technological achievement of mankind is already coming to an end. And that's without a single real combat engagement!!

Although I am relieved that I personally am not involved in F-22 program, I do fear for a possibility that the inevitable, huge influx of migrating engineers from the closing program may have an impact in my job security.

The fact that I am, or may shortly be, affected by a decision made by a top-level politician brings me a pleasant but also inconvenient insight: I am in the real world, where real things happen. My happy-go-lucky life of adolescence has really ended.


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