Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Zero Punctuation Review:

Not sure if you'll find this British person reviewing some games really fast--I mean fast--but I certainly did.

This review from some time ago is on Psychonauts, one of the-most-innovative-artistic-fun-yet-huge-commercial-failure game by Tim Shafer. ...Oh, that and dick gamers who want games to be art yet don't want to play them. I personally haven't played this. I really want to. And I shall... someday.

Enough of my bullocks, and here you go. Enjoy!

PS. Yahtzee's (the guy mumbling in the video) comment about how game became 2nd job reminds me of how I just don't play Eve-Online now. I want fun and reach experience from games, not dry, long, not interesting laborish experience. I..better cancel the subscription.

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