Wednesday, October 31, 2007

$ex vs. Violence

It's apparent that parents are more sensitive on sexuality then violence, meaning they are more ok with their kids seeing gunfight than a couple being naked on a bed.

While I, too, find that I am the same way myself, I just don't get it--why is it that it's okay to see someone shooting bullet into another person's head, but not okay to see anything that suggests sex? (Case in point: Hot Coffee scandal. Running around streets while gunning cops and bystanders down is acceptable while sex with hookers is not. ...Hmm.) Is murder not as bad as rape? Is rape worse than killing someone? Do people get put down because they have uncontrollerable sexual desire or stream of different blood on their hands? Of course murder tops rape, but then parents' and my reaction to what appears on TV is still unexplained.

I think it's just that people can justify violence easier than sex. Parents don't have to go into sensitive area to explain why there's violence, than to explain when sex is ok. ("That doo-doo deserves to be spanked because he's bad" is easier than ....however you'll explain sex to your kid--haven't thought about this... ah...the ramification of absense of proper sex education.)

So, what it boils down to is that, kids, explicit sex is much worse than unwarranted violence! ...Wait, that doesn't seem like why I started this post....

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