Sunday, October 28, 2007

Introducing... My New Companion

This is my new phone, Motorola RIZR Z3. It came exactly as it appears in the picture above.

...Well, minus those hot girls on the screen, although it wouldn't have hurt if they came with the phone. But considering that this color is, presumably, mostly used by female mobilers--I am NOT one of them. Nor am I a gay. I just have unique and superior fashion sense--Motorola would be wasting tons of money and all those girls. Motorola would also be advocating lesbianism. (...on the other hand, considering the astonishing result of evaluation of planet-blood-sucking species named Homo sapiens sapiens, that marketing strategy might actually receive wide acceptance by tree huggers.)

Ain't it Sexy?! Think the Weighted Companion Cube will be jealous.

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