Monday, March 24, 2008

On CCM or "Inspirational Music"

I've been listening to many CCMs lately now that I've decided to help out my church's praise night, and I find them pretty good songs, to be honest. I'm not saying this because of the fact that they're Christian music, but I think they would've been good and fairly popular songs had they come out as normal Pop songs.

Now, I'm not saying that I was oblivious of CCM's existance. I did know there were a lot of these musics (from other praise nights and such events), but never had I really acquired copies of those songs and listened to them on regular basis like now.

One thing about CCM for me is that Roman Catholic Church, which I belong, are not so happy with CCM. Reasoning, I think, goes that the relationship between men (and women) and God is not so much about enjoying or having adrenaline rush or.. whatever feeling you get listening to contemporary songs of late. It's about deep contemplation, something like meditation, which I do agree. Since most of us Catholics don't really delve into studyinig what our religion is really about (which I think also has some reason behind this... loi), I can't really say anything other than this.

One thing is clear: while I am listening to these songs, I almost never really think about God or how mighty he is or praising him. I feel like I'm just listening to any other pop song. Guess I'm not really cut out for contemporary way of praising.

Edit: I just Googled CCM and found Wikipedia entry on this subject (All hail Wiki!), and found out its not just Catholic, but any conservative Christians that are against CCM. Ha... funny. I mean, the reasoning for the controversy is funny. Take this: "Some conservative Christians feel that the medium of popular music is unholy, and thus unfit for Christian participation." I bet these people are the same people opposing video game in every possible way.

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