Thursday, March 20, 2008

Technology Nerfs Fantasy

This is a great find. Enjoy:

Watching the great trilogy of The Lord of The Ring, I've always thought how technology takes away many of merits fantasy settings bring. Think about it: Gandalf, in The Two Towers, calls for this white horse, Shadowfax, who's supposed to be the "lord or all horses." Coolness. Now, imagine how that great horse would've seen if a red pickup truck rolls by next to them at blazing speed! Not cool. (Gandalf probably stuck his thumb up and asked for a ride.) A silly thought, I know. But there are tons of this kind of moments in fantasy stories neverthless.

I'm making this point to let you think about how mixing fantasy and technology leads to many awkward development. Take most of Japanese fantasy games, Final Fantasy 7, for example. From the start of the game, Cloud encounters guards who pour bullets on Cloud. What happens to him? Nothing, except costing a few HP points.

Is anything wrong in this picture? I mean, gun is something amazingly powerful and is something to be feared. It enables everyday Joe to commit mass murder, and yet, here we are with games that take this totally away.

Okay, I do acknowledge that it probably was a design decision made by the devs to control the flow of game. However, I have to wonder, couldn't they have inserted some kind of explanation for this? Instead of simply "nerf"ing guns (because apparently guns are not cool but swords are) what about some kind of magic that prevents leathal wound from bullets? (e.g. something similar to that magnetic field generator one of the boss in MGS2 had.)

Stupid designs that we have to take as is because of inability on designers' side makes me mad.

Anyways... how did this post become a rant? Didn't mean to when I started typing. Hrm..

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