Thursday, May 22, 2008

Microsoft And Art. ...yeeeeaaah. But Sony And Art? Yes.

Seems like all the good things happen after I leave, or make a different choice.

First, only after my graduation at Virginia Tech did they found game media lab and started a experimental game development course. Second, only after two weeks of my leap from last generation PS2 to current-gen Xbox360 do I find clips like this:

This is a clip of self-claimed "interactive art" work that is developed by a small group of part-time enthusiasts, funded by Sony Computer Entertainment, and thus, will only be distributed on PlayStation Network.

Interactive art. Interactive storytelling. Interactive fiction. These are all the things I am really into, more than today's most popular form of interactive media, games.

I feel fooled by the fact that Xbox360's console design was inspired by a famous contemporary art piece, Constantin Brancusi's famous "Bird in Space", because knowing this, I thought the software giant Microsoft has some sense and future outlook into interactive art and literatures...

PixelJunk Eden, flOw, flOwer... and now Linger in Shadow. It almost seems like a hardware manufacturer has more artistic sense than a software company.

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