Friday, June 13, 2008

Can PS3 Be Any Sweeter?!

Yes, I still remember this... boomarang-shaped controller. LOL.

SERIOUSLY, the evil Wal-Mart and Sony is tempting me like crazy!

Wal-Mart is having this special going on with any Blu-Ray players, and I mean any. That means it includes Sony PlayStation 3! So, if I go for PS3 with 40GB HDD, I can pay $399, and be treated with extra $100 to blow away.

But that's not sweet enough to get me salivating all over the floor, is it? Of course not. I just dished out almost $500 for Xbox360 only a month ago!

What if Sony, whom I've come to think of an evil corporation with its arrogance (which, I must admit, has been eroding away ever since obnoxious Kutanagi left the company), is offering $100 off of PS3?

No way? Yes way. :) Of course, the deal includes another credit card that you should get rid of later.

Still, think about $100 off of PS3 and then another $100 gift card... That's $200 right there! So, say I get the PS3 80GB at $499, and use the Sony Credit Card at Wal-Mart. With all the deals--that also includes 12 months no interest period--I'll only pay $399, and have extra $100 to spend! With Sony keep flirting us with all the promises--think Home and Final Fantasy XIII-- and with its interest and investment in artistic games, I am now seriously considering the buy. Of course, there's the release of a small game titled Metal Gear Solid 4, too. :)

Now, don't be surprised if I come back a few days later with a post saying "PS3 GET!!!"

PS. Somebody please stop me. :'(


Doc said...


what are you thinking -_-;;;

you need to get a HDTV as well
and then move to NY with me.

Peter Park said...


You trying to get me bankrupted or something?!