Monday, June 4, 2007

Money Printing Machine

I just had an epiphany : "Third installment of most of highly anticipated movies sucks." You will agree with me if you have seen movies like Pirates of Caribbean: At World's End, The Matrix: Revolution, and Spider-Man 3 and was deeply disappointed that you have watched it, and now you dislike those very series you loved before you watched that three.

But at that right moment, I realized something; Even when I was disappointed by all those titles, I am still eager to watch same type of franchises (meaning they're created to make money, not a valuable movie as a literature-art work), such as The Bourne Ultimatum, Ocean's Thirteen (with some sprinkle of doubt on this one), Live Free or Die Hard, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, and so on.

Yes, I am also a victim of marketing and am one of the contributors who fuel the movie publishers' thirst for never-ending, boring but rich-making series and deprive humanity of creative and unique, truly artistic motion pictures.

I just hope those upcoming movies are worthwhile...

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