Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Matrix in the Real World

I've known that there are researches on interacting with computers using brain waves going on, but I didn't know it was this advanced.

Apparently, there are some cases where people have been playing games using brains! This means that they're playing games--controlling characters, initiating motions, and so on--without using hands, sitting on their couch and just using telepathy (or, more accurately, artificial telepathy)! How cool is that!

Of course, this goes far more than just playing games. It'll be like The Ghost In The Shell coming true. Or The Matrix, if you're more familiar with it (but Wachowski brothers got that idea from that anime, among other sources).

This will open an era where ESP is the main means to communication, either with computer or among people, and people with disabilities will no longer stay disabled, since it can be fixed (if they'd like) with such technology. Think about it; if the technique of translating your thoughts into words on computer develops that it types in real time, then nothing will surpass that ability! For me, I'd like to code with my thoughts... I think that'll make it so much easier, and faster... and also draw and paint stuff. Hell, there can be a program that brings my thoughts into 3D environment! Mmmmm, talk about Web 103402532435.0....

Controlling Computers With the Brain


Hyun said...

Brain wave technology
-we support fattening people

Peter Park said...

I support realizing the world of GITS. :D