Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Odin Sphere

Some time ago (probably when 3D was still new and fresh that most of them sucked big time), I read an article reviewing a 2D game that claimed (roughly translated) "Detailed and well-made 2D animation based games are far better than clunky and crappy 3D games." And since then, everyone have been favoring 3D games for some obvious reasons, and 2D games has been kind of pushed into a shadow by flashy, and flamboyant advance of 3D technology, lead by companies like Squeare (now Square-Enix) and Epic Game.

Although 2D has become something of the past, I still think great 2D games beat many of good 3D games. Case in point, recently released Odin Sphere.

Being one of the many games still basing on now-being-replaced-yet-makes-more-money-than-its-successor PlayStation 2, Odin Sphere doesn't employ killer 3D graphics, but if you take a quick look at its beautiful 2D animation, you'll realize there's absolutely no need of 3D stuff here. The quality of animation this game has is so sleek, smooth, detailed, and really well directed that everything--from visual to gameplay to sound--conforms so well that you can't help but fall in love with it instantly. (At least I did.)

Seeing is better than a thousand words; here is the intro to the game:

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