Friday, June 22, 2007

Making of the Band

To my own surprise, I was given a link to this video. It's a clip from season 4 of Making the Band, showing an Asian guy trying out with R&B/Soul performance. It was a surprise not because he's an Asian, but because he's from my church, who always dreamed of becoming a singer.

Here's the clip:

Pretty cool? He's gonna start working on his first album soon, so we should be hearing songs he sings in near future.

Good job!! Hope you do an examplary work for all of us! :D


Leena said...

Well said.

Dan said...

AWE!!! I have been looking for a clip of Sam singing for 5 years!!! I paused it when it first ran and rewatched it over and over and over and couldnt get enough! I found this and clicked play and viacom did a claim so they removed the video!!! damnit!!!! damnit!!! I wanna watch him again sooooooo bad! like i said been searching all the time for years!!!!