Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To Live One's Life to the Fullest...

I was flipping through this week's Newsweek when I came across a short column about a sighting of Paris Hilton holding Bible in her arms. She claims that she has found Jesus, and that He has given her a second chance. Only three days before going into jail, that is.

While it kind of made me to think how shallow her action must be, that column talks about how there's a "long tradition of jailhouse conversions," from Malcolm X (to Islam, in this case) to Terry Nichols, the Oklahoma-bombing conspirator who claimed to have worn out four Bibles, and such. Why do people suddenly become religious behind bars? To impress judges in order to avoid, or shorten, jail sentence may be one reason for some. But for others, it's because, according to Chuck Colson, a special counsel to President Nixon, "...everything else is stripped away, so you think about what really matters in life." Well, if that is true, it in turn tells us how almost all people in this world are distracted by worldly affair, away from "what really matters."

Then, how do we live life like as it is meant to be? Should we all start going to church, pray everyday, and bow before the Almighty, who is so invisible and becoming more and more distant as time goes? Well, it may help living a calmer, soothing life, but I don't think it won't work for everyone. Instead, I think finding your true calling, and working towards it is what matters the most. For deeply religious people, it's by devoting their whole life to church activities, doing charity work, or even becoming priests, monks, and so on. For others, it means do what you are good at, or what you think you are born to Paul Potts! When you find the right one, everyone around you will be cheering for you and be glad to see you succeed. Like Paul Potts!

As for Ms. Hilton, I hope she keeps going to church on weekends, so that going to church will be da shiz. That way, more people will go to church, be more educated (hopefully) and help bringing naughty-ness of our teens down a bit.

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