Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An Amazing Edge

Some time ago, I was introduced to a new game from DICE, creator of EA"s Battlefield series, titled Mirror's Edge by a good friend's blog. Reading the description of the game by the developer, I could see that they are headed at the right direction; focusing more on the character instead of guns, and emulating the real-world relationship of player and the environment. In short, the game will have the player run around in a futuristic urban setting in parkour style, with simulated momentum of player's movement. And of course, in first-person.

The few--and far too little--screenshots they showed was so beautiful. It was bright, detailed, and had this inviting feeling that makes you want to jump in and around. What they were missing, is a video footage. Until now.

Check it out, and be amazed:

The feel of the momentum, Faith's feet hitting the ground, subtle movements of fingers, only average-looking, and so more realistic and personable character, and the amazing and refreshing music... Now, this is the next-gen game!

Consider me sold. I am getting this the day it comes out.

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