Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh, Google, You Sweet Son of a...

Google NY Tour

Google Jobs|Benefits ... way beyond basics

I knew Google was a great place to work. I mean, who doesn't? They're like the number one revered company ever. When the company's young representative visited Virginia Tech, I wasn't really interested in them (that doesn't mean I didn't go to their information session for free food and nice shirt... I just didn't interview with them). I mean, they're cool search engine company with two big, flat-panel monitors to work with, and they get the whole Friday (or was it just the afternoon?) to spend time in whatever their curiosity leads to. But I could care less because they weren't in any area that awed me or inspired me.

But when I started reading the Google NY Tour post by Snowcat, I saw something weird; he(she?) mentions the cafeteria food as being famous for the taste, and it's free as expected. And I thought it was a strange way of putting that someone bought a lunch.

And what do you know? On Google Job's benefits page, it lists oh-so-many benefits that includes not only child-care, on-site doctor, but also... free food!! And they're not talking just free soda like this other company (*wink* at Microsoft); Google means the whole package, from lunch, snack, to even dinner! Considering food is one of the highest expense on everyone's list, free lunch and dinner is a tremendous envy generator. For someone who always has beef for bad cafeteria food and its un-deserving high pricetag, this is like salt on wound and pouring lemon juice over it. *cry*

Now I wanna work at Google!

Google added new themes for its iGoogle page. Snowcat's one of them!

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