Friday, May 9, 2008

ROK's President's Real Job Description: National Scapegoat

I know I'm harsh on Koreans most of the time (because I love them). But you know what? I think they deserve harsh treatment.

Today, I actually made myself read up on some news articles on Korean politics--I generally don't have much interest in politics, and have my hands full with following that of America. And what do I see in the article, or rather, the replies to articles on anything politics? The new president, after only 2 months of seizing the office, is already the scapegoat. Yes, scapegoat. Koreans are already too busy blaming any problem on the new president's inability. Too friendly with Japan? Traitor. Too harsh on North Korea? Idiot who'll bring end to the country. And the issue with imported American beef? Impeachment!!

I know it's within citizens' right to pass judgement on their government officials, but after only 2 friggin' months? What the f*ck? How can anybody do anything if no one gives them any chance to do anything? Even if JFK was Korean president, I bet he couldn't have ever stood a chance to do anything good with people like them.

Jesus, people. Stop whining and give the president you chose a chance.

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