Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Mid-Saturday's Thought on Economy, Energy, and Global Sustainment

I don't know how this came to be, but recently, the new color of trend has been "green." Yes, green, as in environment-friendly, recycling, and ..stuff. I remeber reading articles in magazines just about a year ago or so, that inserts the word "green" into one of the lines as something that's lame, weak, or cheesy, as if it's something luxury to think about. And look around now. Being green is looked as being a pioneer. It's like being so cool.

Anyways, while people are talking about finding other more abundant and greener energy source for the future, I can't stop thinking about a bigger picture; global sustainment.

Let's think about human population. It has been, and still is, exploding exponentially for awhile now, and with that, humans have been draining resources at an increasing rate. No, let's think past this--With super-advanced recycling technology that probably will be developed later, we may find a way to reuse resources that is put into daily uses, even those in currently, fastly growing economies like China and India. This is all good and merry, but will this be a solution?

What I'm asking here is, even if we really reuse almost everything we use, will that put a complete stop in our using of natural resources? Of course not. With growing economy, we'll have to bring in more and more freshly digged out resources from Mother Earth to create more pies for newly born people.

There's one more thing we have to think about here: humans. What are humans, really? Besides them being a "sentient beings, capable of coming up with grandiose and flashy ambitions," they are, in the most simpliest, resource-oriented view, natural resources. Where do our flesh and energy come from? It may pass various paths to get to your body, but ultimately they're from nature!

The point I'm trying to make here is that one more person added to our population is that much less resource from Earth. I know it's inhumane to think of people in this way, but it still is true that no matter how well we resue resources, as long as population grows, nature will become more and more barren.

Now, I'm not suggesting that we stop multiplying and stop having babies. That's against human, and all living being's innate nature. This will bring human race to extinction when we finally get invaded by aliens. What I'm suggesting is that we start looking into getting more resources, without hurting this poor planet.

Yes. I am talking about space, and expanding into outer haven. Even if there is no E.T. out there, there must be endless supply of resources we can use out there! And here we are sitting on our hands.

Oh, please. Let the space race continue.

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