Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Roger Ebert reviews Oldboy

As much as I like to think of myself of having abundant artistic sense and talent, I am constantly forced humble by never ending stream of amazing art pieces. This time, a great review of one of my favorite movie of all time, Oldboy, left me in awe.

After listening to one of my coworker praising Oldboy, I looked up a review by one of the famed and respected movie critic of our time, Roger Ebert (linked above). And boy, am I not surprised by his ability to perceive things from the movie?

As Oldboy and director Park Chan-Wook's fan, I enjoyed watching the movie several times over, and was able to grasp a sense of great depth in the film, ingrained into each shot, each asset, and each word in each dialogue. But my limited comprehensive ability in cinema kept my tongue tied as to how to describe, no, as to know what it is that I am sensing.

And here is Roger Ebert, expertly understanding and describing what he sees. Reasons behind some scenes that I could not see, he explains. Why the movie seems to have great depth, meaning, and importance in today's world, he writes about.

So, to those who think this movie is overly-violent--which it is. There's no denying of its masochistic tendancy here--for no reason, to those who say this movie is just overly-hyped, to those who say this work of art is just another trashy foreign movie, may I inquire you to make the jump and read up what Ebert has to say about this moive?

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