Thursday, January 10, 2008

Digitalized Magazine and Portable Display

Game Developer is a magazine I used to subscribe to when I was younger. I stopped receiving it because I didn't really read them at the time and thought now is a great time to start receiving it again, since I do read periodicals (like Newsweek) more than in those days.

So, I was looking at their subscription page, and found out that they offer two different and seperate kinds of subscription: traditional printed ($49.95/Yr) and digital ($29.95/Yr). Because it's so much more expensive than other periodicals, I kind of want to get digital version. Yet, I know that if I do, it'll be a hell to read. (Try yourself.) OK. It may not be too bad, considering that we're used to write and read on screen these days. But to read a magazine with your butt glued to the chair, having to sit up all that time? Forget it. I like reading magazines before going to sleep, and I'm not planning on falling asleep at my desk.

Then this led me to think; what if there's a portable tablet display? A thin, appropriately sized LCD, lit by bright LEDs (for losing weight) with touch sensitive screen for navigating, with long, preferably unified connector (for power and signal) so it can be carried to a great(er) distance with ease? It'll be wired but at least it'll be lightweight, and so it can be brought around in a room (and to bed, even). It'll be perfect for reading digital version of magazines!

Wait, I think I've seen something like this before.... Oh..... Cintiq.... D'oh!

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