Wednesday, January 9, 2008

There Shan't Be Serious Games?!

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Games have been getting ever more gory, with blood splattering everywhere, body parts flying around, and so on. Now, games are becoming very "real" in that they started to tackle real-world issues. While some people, like this father quoted in the post linked here, are very upset about it, I find it fascinating; games are becoming more than plain entertainment.

What I don't like is that he most likely doesn't have any problem with all sorts of movies talking about issues in real world, either political or cultural, yet, when a game is blessed with real-world relevance, he gets agitated.

Is it because he bought the game for his kids? Is it because he bought it as a toy? Does he believe time is too early for a game that is more than a toy?

While I am so frustrated at things like this, I guess when there are more gamer-parents than non-gamer-parents, when most politicians grew up playing games, things will get better than now. Hopefully.

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