Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Japan, Shame on You

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I know Japan is certainly a very attractvie country, that, with great workmanship, produced many goods for the rest of the world. That goods alone created numerous people mesmerized by anything Japan, especially self-claimed Otaku's. (Can you hear my sigh?) It is on top of the list of countries people wants to pay a visit, including mine. It certainly looks all shiny and merry, but.. there is another side to this pretty country.

Yes, they make exceptional food.
Yes, they revitalized video game industry.
Yes, they still vitalize video game industry.
Yes, they make many exceptional anime.
Yes, they have cute girls (at least on screen and in anime).
Yes, they made Kendo. (at least they modernized it)
Yes, Final Fantasy was made by Japanese devs.
And yes, they make good food...I think I mentioned this already.

But it is also true...
that each of their sushi incredibly small yet are money whore..
that they became arrogant and lost people's love (think Sony)..
that they make tons of bad creations and perverted ones..
that they quench perverted thirst by advocating sexually suggestive culture..
that they distance themselves from rest of the world..
and that they create foreigners social outcast, especially if they're not white or black.*

Money quote:

... She hates the world, but that's okay, the world hates her too. I certainly do. But I don't hate her as much as those observers who keep claiming Japan is a more polite, respectful country than any other because that is so far from the truth it's laughable, if it wasn't so sad.
So, when dealing with Japanese people, always take it with a grain of salt... You never know what's behind their politely smiling mask...

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