Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Apple's Eye-Candy Announced!

Apparently, Apple has announced their new notebook model, named MacBook Air. It's to be "The World's Thinnest Notebook," at just 0.16 to 0.76 inches thick.

Check out Apple's MacBook Air website.

This notebook features a full-size keyboard, and large touch pad, which employs multi-touch they developed on iPhone (minus screen). Notable exception is that it doesn't have an optical drive. Meaning there is no way of reading CDs or DVDs on this baby--You can use USB Super drive or their new feature, "Remote Disc". But who uses discs now, anyways? (Apparently, Windows still very much does. Heck, it still uses floppy!)

Now, all I can think is, 'how can Apple keep on making such elegant and so attractive piece of technology like this?' I just don't understand why there isn't any other company creating buzz like these nowadays.

That notebook sure does make me drool, but I just know that I have no use for it, especially at $1799!

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