Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Prediction for 2008 ..and Beyond

Now that we're in 2008, and that everyone seems to be making their predictions on what's going to happen in game industry this year, here is my prediction (Well, not exactly 2008's prediction, but prediction nevertheless):

  • Xbox360 will keep having strong year, as it had so far, albeit they lack next blockbuster title, such as Halo 3. It's Microsoft; they'll keep the system on luxurious life-support--they have enough gold in their account for this-should the need arise. I just hope they get a new PR for Japan, and get the sales numbers up to at least half that of PS3.
  • Wii will see constant drop in sales, until Wii Fit comes out, when the sale will skyrocket again and keep going forever and ever and ever and... ever. Unless, of course, every single household obtains a Wii, and there is no one left to buy a Wii.
  • PS3, by the way, will keep struggle to sell, even when Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out. But none of these matter, does it? Because of Square Enix's shady (cuz it can't be explained otherwise) affection to Sony's system will single-handedly revive the whole platform, with a little and bloated title called Final Fantasy XIII. (Remember what Squaresoft, SquareEnix before merger, did to Sega's Saturn system? Although lacking 3rd party support, Sega's system was totally on top of PlayStation, yet with Final Fantasy VII, things turned 180 degrees overnight. Poor dear Sega... *sob*)

So, there you go. Unless Microsoft and Nintendo cooperates and drowns PlayStation 3 almost definitely before FFXIII releases, they'll all looooooose. Big time!

PS. When's FFXIII coming out anyways?

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