Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yakuza and Musashi?

So, I've been hearing alot about PS2 game Yakuza on 1UP Yours Podcast lately, and got pretty hyped up about this game, albeit it's flaws with combat system and all. And here comes it's sequel (actually 2nd sequel after one that was released here in US), which is the game above.

It's set in feudal Japan when a lot of people had sword on their side, and you're the ancestor of the main character of the first (and probably second as well) game's protagonist, Kazuma, who is... also a part of a Yakuza at the time. Well, that's what I understood from the description given from the podcast, but then watching this video clip, with that child-looking girl (wearing what looks like geisha's clothes... weird) requesting you to kill the legendary swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi (which is pretty cool), and then later in the trailer, people start regarding the main character as Musashi himself! At that point, I'm all "WTF"? I'm at loss.

And I want this game!

But then again, this game is only on PS3 (wonder how much Sony paid these guys) which is sad... Also, from the trailer, it seems like there's huge amount of cut-scenes which are nice, but... that doesn't let player direct the plot at all. I'm just worried that it'll be like Final Fantasy, which, despite its attractive points, I regard with disdain for its deeply flawed storytelling. Maybe I'll just wait out on this game and watch the movie which I heard is in the work at the moment...(since I'm not planning on getting a PS3 anytime soon)


Doc said...

From what I understand of the video, Musashi gets betrayed by his lord, but survives at the cost of his friend's life (the dude who cuts the bridge), changes name, hides identity, does anything for money yaddy yaddy yadda, girl thinks musashi killed her parents, so goes to the musashi to ask him to kill musashi (not knowing he is musashi, of course). and so on so forth.

I kind like how Kojiro looks like an asshole in this game, because he is usually considered the up-right high class swordsman, and Musashi usually is depicted as a vagrant.

Peter Park said...

Ah... that's what it's about? Then Yakuza series is about Musashi's descendant? haha... that's kinda funny. Now I wonder if there are REAL descendants of Musashi.

And Japanese people must love this series, for it to have so many faces stolen from celebrities to appear like that...

Doc said...

For some reason, whenever I think of Musashi, I think of the guy that played Yojimbo at..eh..."yojimbo" (sanjuro in "sanjuro" as well...or the big guy in "The Seven Samurai")

kinds fits the image I had for musashi (the guy in this game seems a little too...up right and clean)

Peter Park said...

I recognize many of actors they used to model characters... wonder who Musashi was modeled after.. can't really think of anyone. (maybe nobody? hmm.. if that's the case, it's pretty darn good job) And again, this game seems better fit as a movie.