Friday, January 18, 2008

UPDATED A Glimpse of Hope

I just realized that I can probably get $100 gift certificate for Circuit City within a month. With that, combined with other gift certificates I currently have (totaling ~$140 altogether), I can buy myself a Xbox360 Premium Bundle at around only (relatively speaking, that is) $200! Now, that is something I can do!!

P.S. If Xbox360 were in pink, and there's syringe on the controller... that picture would've been perfect! (Think South Park)

P.P.S. This means I can get a Wii, provided I find one sitting on a store shelf (which is harder than reaching star nowadays, apparently), for only... ~$100?! Wow.

UPDATE: I just got updated point balance, and currently have... 9952 Pts! 48 Pts shy of $100 gift card!! It's, like, that pink puff the magic dragon flying right in front of your eyes yet you can't catch it. What a way to tease, damn.

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