Monday, January 28, 2008

Game Shines in the sad face of Movie and Music

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With everyone claiming 2007 as the biggest gaming year in history, I've always wondered how large the gaming industry has become. And, I've found the answer today.

$18.85 billion in sale. $8.9 billion in revenue. Does it not sound awesome? What started as Pong became such giant, challenging movies and music industry for their positions as #2 and #1 entertainment market in US. Although I have nothing against movie or music industry, the news that, while movie industry saw mere 1.8% growth from last year in revenue, and -10% (est.) for music, game industry saw astonishing 28.4% gives me a reason to be excited.

This is because I've always thought that when the size of pie for game grows in size to be comparable to that of movie industry's, we'll finally start seeing game publishers more willing to take risks at trying new things and innovate game medium, because they'll have enough money flowing through the market for it. Well, it seems like we've reached that point already. Now, only if risk-taking, experimental games would come out....

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