Thursday, January 17, 2008

Guitar Hero Huckabee

Following the race of the prominent candidates to White House '09, I saw something that was so interesting. It was the image and stories of Mike Huckabee, an "underdog" Republican candidate who made a sleeper hit in Iowa only few weeks ago. On TV, he had a guitar on his hand, playing what I think was some gospel song.

And I found that fascinating, not because of the fact that he can play guitar, but because the general audience, which were mostly conservative Evangelicals or Baptists, were enjoying that scene.

"So, what?" you might ask, but I'd like to remind you that electronic guitar, which he had, was not seen so kindly by the public only a generation or two ago! Everyone, I mean parents, thought of them "devil's music" or something, and condemned them with all their heart. And here we have a ex-preacher rocking in front of those same parents.

With this image, I could see that, maybe, in future, we'll see a day when some candidates sit down and spend some time with young people by playing some video games with them! That will be the day when video game is not feared by public, but rather, seen as something enjoyable, safe, and hopefully cool!


Anonymous said...

>.< I hope people aren't ignorant enough to elect this guy... there's a separation of church and state for a reason. Interesting reads though.

Peter Park said...

I doubt it's gonna happen, simply because of Bush.

But I do think he's religious view is something admirable. One of the reason for believing in God is that without God, there is no purpose of being. He also isn't into believing Bible word for word.

And I digg that!

Peter Park said...

I meant Huckabee in the sencond p. Never Bush-_-